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Bose QC35ii - Worth the hype?

Updated: May 23, 2018

Search on the phrase ‘Bose QC35 Review’ and you will be shown thousands of positive reviews

and videos. Now the successor has come along, so will it continue carrying the crown or will it


The Good

5* Noise Cancelling

There is a reason why Bose are known for noise cancelling technology. They are the best. These

are no exception, with 3 different gradients; High / Low / Off there is a setting to suit every

situation. Walking to work with the setting on High means I can get lost in the music I'm listening

too but once I arrive at work I can switch them to Low or Off depending on how much I need to

hear what my co-workers are saying. I've found that re-mapping the Google Assistant button

(more on this later) to toggle the noise cancelling settings is a dream. Its super quick to do and

doesn't involve the hassle of having to get you phone out to use their app.


Wearing headphones of any sort for a long time will put strain on your ears. Ive found previous

pairs of over-ear headphones I've owned to warm up my ears and make it uncomfortable to wear

after a sustain period. However, so far with theses Ive had no problems at all. The longest Ive

worn them in a session is 4 hours and they were incredibly comfy without any irritation. I think this

is partly down to the shape of the ear cup and the padding but mainly I think its because of their

weight. They are incredibly light due to their plastic construction, yet still feel a premium product.


Like anything theses days which promises to be wireless and light, you always think that where

they’ve cut corners is on the battery life. Bose promise up to 20 hours and so far I’d agree with

that figure. Im only charging them around once a week and I use them for a few hours each day.

Plus with the addition of a quick charge feature where 15 Mins will give you 2.5 hours, I think for

the weight and compared to rivals its an excellent offering.

The Bad

The App

The app is not terrible but its not standout either. It has some good features like being able to

update the software of the headphones and track certain models if you cant remember where you

put them. However compared to it’s competitors it’s missing some features, the main one is an

EQ. It would be great if you could tailor the sound style to your current activity, for example having

a Movie mode or Music Genre specific settings. Since this probably only requires an update to the

app I'm hopeful we will it soon.

Google Assistant

This a Marmite feature, either you will love it or you won’t. Personally I don't use Google Assistant

enough yet to find this a hugely beneficial part, however now that it is only a simple press away

maybe I will. It also means if you use another assistant like Alexa or Siri you wont be able to use

them as Google have exclusive rights. I don't see this being a huge factor for most people but its

still something to bare in mind especially if you’re immersed in the Apple ecosystem.

USB-C Or Lack Of

This isn’t really a bad point, its more of personal preference. I would have preferred that since this

was a newly released product and its quite obvious now that USB-C is the future standard, that

they changed the charging connector. This would be a future proofing feature as within the next 2

years nearly everything you buy will be USB-C I believe so having to find an ‘old’ Micro-USB

cable will be annoying.


The mark ii’s are evolution rather than revolution. This is certainly no bad thing, the platform

before were outstanding and these continue to be. The sound quality is superb, coupled with the

best in class noise cancelling technology and you really do feel like you can lose yourself in the

music. Overall the bad points are really just small niggles and nothing that would put me off

buying this product. Whereas the good points are each good enough to justify the product on

their own.

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