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Top 5 Favourite Apps on my PC

Do you ever wonder what apps someone else uses all the time on their computer?

No.... Ok maybe its just me then.

Anyway I thought I’d share the top 5 apps I cant use my laptop without. BTW they’re in no particular order.

Google Keep

Now there’s loads of to-do list apps available out there, so why did I pick Google Keep?

Just one reason; simplicity. Not only is the interface clear and intuitive to use but the combination of the mobile app / web app & Chrome extension, means where ever I am, with whatever device I can access key bits of information. The fact it just works and I don't need to think about it how I can get a note off my laptop when I'm out is a huge benefit.

Check out Keep here.

Radiant Player

As a music lover, I was so pleased when I discovered you could upload up to 20,000 songs to Google Music. This meant I could take my entire local collection of music with me where ever I went. I was even more impressed when I discover Radiant Player though. Its dedicated Mac application allows you to access all music from Google Music without having to go through the web player. This meant it freed up my browser from the intensive process of streaming and allowed me focus on my work without sluggish performance of the risk of it crashing.

Check out Radiant Player here.


Ever wished you had more hotkey or shortcuts, or that you could do more commands by typing?

Alfred is the ‘Spotlight Search’ function on a Mac turned up to 11. It allows you do navigate and search your laptop through typing with ease. Its powerful abilities extend to creating workflows you can trigger with a hotkey or kicking off a search on the web without first opening a browser and then using its ‘1Password’ integration to automatically log you in.

Its benefit is it makes the tasks you think are simple even easier.

Check our Alfred here.

Google Backup and Sync

We all know we should regularly backup our important files, but its never quite high enough on our to-do list until its too late. This is where Google Backup and Sync comes in. It’s an app which sits, running quietly on you computer and when it detects a file has changed it copies it to Google Drive.

The fact its automatic and painless is why it’s such a benefit, it is one of those rare applications which is truly ‘set it and forget it’. Its customisable nature means you can choose if you just want a few key folders backed up or the whole thing. Its integration into Google Drive means you’re able to access those files where ever you are and they’re safe if the worst happens to your computer.

Check out Backup and Sync here.


We all have lots of windows open on our computer at once, especially during big projects or when working intensively. Up till now organising those windows has been a pain if you use a Mac, as the handy ‘Snap’ feature on Windows isn't available.

This problem is no more thanks to the folks behind Magnet. It’s like the Snap feature but with more options. Add on its ability to handle up to 6 monitors and your organisation is limitless.

Check out Magnet here.

If you’ve got any questions about the Apps Ive mentioned here please let me know.


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