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Do’s and Don’ts when starting an Internship

Congratulations you've just secured an internship!

Preparing properly is something that will really benefit you, from keeping those initial nerves at bay to getting a flying start. It all comes down the preparation you do.

Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts when starting a new job. These apply for any new role not just an internship.



In the time leading up to your start date, it is wise to prepare. Focusing on your role first, it’s possible to work out the sorts of tasks you will be given. Whilst you may not know exactly, you’re able to gain extra information from; the job description / internet searching similar roles and information provided during the application process.

Following the company in the news is also an important preparation step. Understanding the latest information will give you an idea of the environment your shortly about to join. Are they under pressure or celebrating a big success?

Evening Before

The night before is key, leaving everything till the last minute increases your chances of forgetting something or putting extra stress on yourself. The top things to get sorted the night before are:

Laying out your clothes

Ironing any clothes

Polishing your shoes

Knowing what time to leave in the morning

Setting an earlier alarm than you think. The time will fly by in the morning.

It may all seem simple stuff but you never know what could happen the following day. If you are prepared, you know you’re ready.

Ask Questions

Many people don’t like to ask questions for fear they will seem stupid. This is wrong, asking questions is vital. It allows you learn new information and show that you see the topic or problem from a fresh perspective. Having a fresh look at something could be hugely beneficial for your team, you may find a better solution or realise a new angle to approach the problem.

At the very least it will show that an eager and inquisitive person has joined their team which will give them confidence in you.

Be Extra Professional

Its always important to conduct yourself in a professional manner, but during your first few weeks its even more important. In those initial weeks, everybody you meet and work with will be forming an opinion of you. Always being professional will aid your reputation and boost your stature within the team.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Always be on time or early for work.

  • Be positive.

  • Don’t play on your phone.

  • Arrive at meetings early.

  • Be appropriately dressed.

  • Be organised with your workload and schedule.


Act Like You Know Everything

Acting like you know everything is a terrible idea. I understand you may act over confident under the guise of “Fake it till you make it” but really its only going to annoy your co-workers. The fact you’re there on an Internship and at the very start of your career proves you still have everything to learn.

Being open, honest and showing a willingness to learn, will likely cause your co-workers to be more forthcoming with help and information. This in turn will allow you to learn and settle faster.

Talk Lots About Your Personal Life

When getting to know anyone new for the fist time, it is likely that questions around favourite hobbies, sports and your family will arise. Whilst they’re all excellent conversation starters, you must be careful not to reveal too much detailed personal information.

You have only recently met this person so it is likely they don't want to hear about everything about your personal life and family. Keeping to broad topics is wise, as it comes across more professional and not to off putting for the other person.

There are many other Do’s and Don’ts to work environments but everything can be navigated with some common sense and airing on the side of caution.

Thank you once again for reading this post and if you've got any questions please let me know.



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